Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Street Sharks!


I’d like to say that you’re about to learn a lot about sharks, some of the world’s most incredible (and most misunderstood) creatures. Instead, I’m here to school you (fish joke #1) on the characters of Street Sharks. The mid-90s DiC Entertainment animated series about four teen brothers turned into anthropomorphic sharks was created to promote, you guessed it, a line of toys produced by Mattel.

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We’ll have this week’s episode up on Saturday, so until then, here’s a handy character guide for Street Sharks (via Street Sharks Wiki):

street sharks john boltonJohn “Ripster” Bolton

John is the leader of the Street Sharks. He is the smartest and the oldest of the Bolton Brothers. He enjoys creating inventions; taking up most of his knowledge and skills from his father. He’s also an avid pool player. In the first episode, he’s seen riding a motorcycle. when he’s changed into Ripster, he becomes a Great White Shark, with teeth that can chew even through steel. John/Ripster was voiced by Lee Tockar in the 1994 TV series.

street sharks ripster

Clint “Jab” Bolton, Clint’s defining characteristic is that he is the lazy brother, but one of his hobbies is boxing. He appears to have some talent with mechanics, as he uses a jetpack in the first episode. When he transforms into Jab, he becomes a Hammerhead Shark, in which he uses his head as a battering ram. Jab also appears to be more in tune with his animal side than his siblings, roaring and snarling when angry or excited over something. Clint/Jab was voiced by Matt Hill in the 1994 TV series.

street sharks clint bolton jab

Bobby (Robert) “Streex” Bolton Jr, Bobby is the token “cool’ brother, self proclaimed ladies” man. He’s seen everywhere wearing his rollerblades, and appears to enjoy extreme sports like parachuting and snowboarding. Later on, he demonstrates the ability to play drums professionally. When he transforms into Streex, he becomes a Tiger Shark. He gets his name from the purple streaks on his body. In the pilot movie (eventually to be episodes 1-3), he was originally called “Blades”, due to his skills as a rollerblader. Bobby/Streex was voiced by Andrew Rannells in the 1994 TV series.

street sharks streex

Coop “Big Slammu” Bolton, Coop is the sport-oriented brother, and the strongest (as well as youngest) of the four. He was also a football player in high school. In the first episode, he uses a skateboard to get around. When he transforms into Slammu, he becomes a Whale Shark. His most prominently featured attack is called “Seismic Slam”, where Slammu sets off an earthquake by hitting the ground with his fists. Coop/Slammu was voiced by D. Kevin Williams in the 1994 TV series.

street sharks big slammu

A brilliant genetic engineer, Dr. LutherParadigm plots to turn the whole world into loyal mutates. He was the one that created Slashand Slobster, transformed the Bolton Boys into Shark Mutates, and their father into something else. During one such experiment were he was attempting to mutate Bends with piranha DNA, he accidentally crossed himself with it where he was named Dr. Piranoid as a result. While his mutation did not cause such a dramatic increase in mass he now has webbed hands and feet as well as a more pirahna-like face. Also his mutation is unstable, he appears human while calm and collected but will change when under extreme duress.

During the episodes that had the Dino Vengers in them, he once gene-slammed himself with iguana DNA (which he mistook for Velociraptor DNA) and was renamed Dr. Iguanoid as a result.

street sharks dr paradigm

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