Saturday Mourning Cartoons Podcast: Episode 13 – Mighty Max

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In the thirteenth episode of the Saturday Mourning Cartoons podcast, we revisit, review, and ridicule the 1993 Film Roman production, Mighty Max, inspired by the Bluebird Toys action figures and playsets. I was happy to find that the show was every bit as entertaining as I remembered, but you’ll have to listen to find out if Matt and Sean shared my opinion.

Though Mighty Max remains elusive on DVD, you can find the following VHS collections on Amazon: The Skullmaster Trilogy, Let Sleeping Dragons Lie, and Day of the Cyclops. As always, please consider buying it through our link as it helps to fund the podcast. Thanks!

Special thanks to YouTube user Max GreatOne for posting the episodes, and the fan site Mighty Max Portal. Take a listen to our discussion on the series below!

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Dave Trumbore

Sean Paul Ellis

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Matt Barron

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