Saturday Mourning Cartoons Podcast: Episode 11 – DINOSAUCERS

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For our eleventh episode, we revisit the 1987 DiC Entertainment series Dinosaucers, a show about a race of humanoid dinosaurs from space who land on Earth and befriend a quarter of human teenagers. Yup! You’ll notice lots of familiar cartoon tropes – Good vs Evil, Alien Worlds, Power Rings, Valleys in the Lost World, etc – but it’s important to remember that this nutzo show somehow preceded others that feature these same traits with a much higher success rate.

Special nod to YouTube user Chris Dahl for having posted all the episodes of Dinosaucers which certainly helped us in our research. Head on over to his page to take a look for yourself!

If you’re interested in picking up the series from Amazon (as soon as they’re made available again), please consider buying it through our link as it helps to fund the podcast. Thanks!

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