The Death of Saturday Morning Cartoons

cartoon funeral

Saturday Morning Cartoons may be dead, but Saturday Mourning Cartoons will carry on.  Like we reported recently, the last block of Saturday/Sunday morning animated series came to an end this weekend as The CW’s Vortexx programs enjoyed their last few hours in the spotlight. Future weekends will feature reality TV, live-action programs, and “Edutainment” aimed at kids and families. It’s the end of an era, folks.

Though our nostalgia and childhood memories have certainly been hit hard by this recent programming change, we know that we’re not alone; many of you out there lament the passing of Saturday morning tradition of grabbing a bowl of cereal and watching wacky cartoons for hours. The good news is that we here at Saturday Mourning Cartoons will continue to bring you news and reviews of some of history’s best/craziest animated series.

The only change here is that we’ll be bringing you our weekly episodes on Saturday mornings (instead of Wednesdays) from here on out. You need something to fill the void right? Why not listen to us instead? You can find us on iTunes by subscribing through this link right here, or open up iTunes, head to the store, go to the podcast section and search for Saturday Mourning Cartoons. We’ll keep the lights on for ya!

death of wolverine

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