Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Popples!


There are quite a few Popples out there, and they look similar enough that you might have a tough time trying to sort them out.  We’ve done the hard work for you by putting together this character guide for the wacky animated series.

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Take a look at our handy-dandy character list below (via Wikipedia):

Bonnie & Billy’s Popples

  • party-poppleParty: Large pink Popple who is literally a party animal. She’ll find a reason to party any time day or night and is always pulling party hats and confetti from her pouch. Party serves as the primary Popple, as she appears in 41 of the show’s 46 episodes and on the Popples logo.
  • PC (Pretty Cool): Large blue Popple, who serves as the co-leader of the bunch along with Party. Although he loves to have fun, he never lets things get too out of hand and is probably the most sensible member of the group. He also has a magic finger snap that can trigger all sorts of neat surprises. PC appeared in 40 episodes.
  • Pancake: Large dark magenta (maroon) Popple who is very sweet and affectionate. She likes to tickle Billy and Bonnie with her tail and always knows just what to do to cheer someone up. Pancake had the fewest appearances of the original nine Popples, appearing in only 10 episodes.
  • Prize: Magenta Popple who is very vain and takes great pride in her appearance. She has a small crush on PC, speaks in a Marilyn Monroe-esque voice and dreams of being a film star. Prize appeared in 15 episodes.
  • Puffball: White Popple who loves to throw her voice around. She is very skilled at imitating voices to trick people and Popples alike. She also hates getting her white fur dirty and tries hard to stay clean. Puffball appeared in 15 episodes.
  • pancake-puzzle-popplesPuzzle: Orange Popple who is more or less the bookworm of the bunch. He enjoys reading and is quite intelligent, but he still has a great sense of humor. Puzzle is also shown to be a good swimmer. Puzzle appeared in 15 episodes.
  • Pretty Bit: Small purple Popple who almost always speaks in rhyme. She is more shy than most of the Popples, but is still very loyal to her friends. She enjoys poetry and is also an expert on manners and etiquette. Pretty Bit appeared in 11 episodes.
  • Putter: Small green Popple who is somewhat hyperactive but very playful. Putter has a knack for fixing and inventing things, but they do not always work quite like he expects. Putter had the most appearances outside of the two lead Popples, appearing in 25 episodes.
  • Potato Chip: Small yellow Popple who loves to eat snacks. Sweet, sour or salty, Potato Chip loves them all and has quite an appetite for such a small Popple. She also has a talent for imitating sounds and sound effects. Potato Chip appeared in 18 episodes.

Mike & Penny’s Popples

  • punkster-punkity-popplesPunkster and Punkity: Punk-rockstar duo of Popples, who love singing. Punkster is blue, wears a pink and yellow cape and carries a guitar, and has a lightning bolt on his tummy. He is regarded as Papa Popple for the baby Popples. Punkity is magenta, wears a green hair accessory and earrings and carries a microphone, and has a star on her tummy. She is regarded as Mama Popple for the baby Popples. Punskter and Punkity always appeared together and were featured in 15 episodes.
  • Bibsy and Cribsy: Baby Popples. Bibsy is white and wears a purple and white bib, booties and bonnet with a star pattern. Cribsy is pink, and wears a striped white and blue hat with a matching bib and booties and even her eyelids are blue. The babies cannot speak full sentences yet, but they can say their names and seem to communicate well with each other using body language and babbling. Bibsy and Cribsy appeared in 14 episodes.
  • Pufflings: A sub-species of smaller Popples. Pufflings are unable to speak, but communicate with others with a high-pitched warbling sound. The Pufflings like to hop and bounce around and sometimes give out joke tags that one of the Popples will read out loud. The six Pufflings have white, blue, red, purple, pink and yellow fur.

Sports Popples

touchdown-poppleThis was a group of six sports-themed Popples who appeared in only two episodes: “Decatha-Pop-A-Lon Popples” (in which all six appeared) and “Popple Cheer” (in which all but Cuester appeared). The only previously established character they ever make contact with is Bonnie, in the latter cartoon, where they explain they’re “new in the neighbourhood”.

The Sports Popples each specialize in one sport, wears an outfit based on that sport, and folds into an appropriate type of ball. Even their tails are shaped like sports balls:

  • Big Kick is a soccer player who turns into a soccerball. Big Kick talks with an English accent.
  • Cuester is a pool player who turns into an 8-ball. Cuester talks with a Brooklyn accent.
  • Dunker is a long-limbed basketball player who turns into a basketball. Dunker talks with stereotypical African-American accent.
  • Net Set is a tennis player who turns into a tennis ball.
  • Pitcher is a baseball player who turns into a baseball. Pitcher talks with a Southern accent.
  • T.D. (Touchdown)is a player of American football who turns into a football.


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