Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of Pepper Ann


Sure, you probably guessed that a character named Pepper Ann stars front and center in Disney’s Pepper Ann, but did you know that there are more characters that appear on the show?  That’s right!  It’s not just about you, Pepper Ann! We’ve also got Salty Dan, and Paprika Joe, and … Yeah I have no idea, so I’ll turn it over to Wikipedia for this handy, dandy character guide:

  • milo-pepper-ann-nickyPepper Ann Pearson – the titular character, a 12-year-old girl whose emotions come out in fantasies

Pepper Ann’s Best Friends:

  • Milo Kamalani – a very eccentric, highly dramatic artist
  • Nicky Little – a soft-spoken, overachieving aspiring violinist

Hazelnut Middle School Students:

  • pepper-ann-charactersTrinket – rich and spoiled
  • Dieter Liederhosen – German boy
  • Cissy – popular airhead
  • Tessa and Vanessa – gossipy twins
  • Stewart Walldinger – Nicky’s boyfriend, the RC car-racing “nerd”
  • Craig Bean – the cool 8th-grader


  • Principal Hickey – a tough disciplinarian with zero tolerance for Pepper Ann’s shenanigans
  • Wayne Macabre – a rude and sexist student who serves as a DJ on the school’s radio station KHMS
  • Alice Kane – an uppity snob who refers to her as “P. Ann” and competes against her in the school’s science compaction.

Pepper Ann’s Family:

  • pepper-ann-lydiaLydia Pearson – her feminist mother, who usually gives the moral at the end. Lydia embraces her divorcee, single-mom identity with great gusto, and encourages Pepper Ann to be as proudly independent as she is, although she does keep a curfew on Pepper Ann.
  • Pepper Ann’s father is seen only in a few episodes in his entirety. We know, however, that he was English, and divorced Lydia (although the two remain on good terms) when the girls were young.
  • Janie Diggety – Pepper Ann’s sister, an ex-Green Beret
  • Moose – Pepper Ann’s tomboyish deep-voiced younger sister


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