Saturday Mourning Cartoons Mini-Episode: Mike Tyson Mysteries


In our second Saturday Mourning Cartoons mini-episode, I’ll be recommending Adult Swim’s Mike Tyson Mysteriesa wacky new series that airs on Cartoon Network Mondays at 10:30pm (despite me saying 10pm multiple times in the mini-episode…).  Not only does Tyson himself lend his signature voice to his defective detective character, but Norm MacDonald, Jim Rash, and Rachel Ramras provide the voices for the supporting cast, which are an alcoholic pigeon, a flighty ghost of a noble lord, and Tyson’s Asian daughter.

If you want to read more on Mike Tyson Mysteries, then I suggest reading Allison Keene’s spirited review of the series over at Hollywood Reporter.  For more, including an interview with Tyson himself and producer Hugh Davidson, check out  For more on the show, as well as a tease for our upcoming podcast discussion, take a listen to the mini-episode below:


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