Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of Mighty Max!


Before we get to talking about Mighty Max on this week’s podcast, we wanted to bring you a character breakdown to get you acclimated (via Wikipedia). Here’s a look at the heroes and villain of the 90s series that sees the title hero don a bright red cap that lets him teleport all over the world. It’s a mighty good time … to the max!

  • mighty-max-norman-virgilMax (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – Max is the protagonist of the series: a rambunctious teenager empowered, through a series of adventures, to protect the signature cap that enables travel through various realities and locations. Max sometimes claims reluctance to retain this role; but Virgil and the cap leave him with little choice.
  • Virgil (voiced by Tony Jay) – Virgil, a birdlike humanoid, is the last living Lemurian, and Max’s mentor. He is over ten thousand years old, and knowledgeable of both past and future; but often frustrated by Max’s carefree ways and frequently reminded of having mentored Skullmaster, the later destroyer of his people.
  • mighty-max-charactersNorman (voiced by Richard Moll) – Norman is Max’s bodyguard, who after failing to prevent his father’s defeat, vowed to become the greatest warrior that ever lived. After a lifetime of battle, Norman was appointed by Virgil to his current role. He earned his immortality by defeating the Conqueror, an undefeated champion, and swore to defend the Mighty One with his life if necessary. As the Mighty One’s bodyguard, Norman is usually serious; but unlike Virgil, seems to enjoy Max’s carefree ways. Norman’s exploits through the ages were the basis of numerous legends, including Thor, Hercules, Samson, Lancelot, and Little John, presumably among others. Norman is shown throughout the series to be fearless, but not above disgust. It is in hinted in the final episode he may have finally met his match in combat and died at the eight hands of an enormous spider. His common catchphrase is, “I eat ____ for breakfast”, usually naming his enemy. Another is the wry statement made upon meeting one of the many monsters they encounter, “That is a big ____.”
  • Skullmaster (voiced by Tim Curry) – The primary antagonist of the series and the nemesis of the Mighty One. Skullmaster is an ancient warrior/sorcerer whose lust for power has driven him to destroy the Lemurians and the Atlanteans. Afterward, Skullmaster was imprisoned underground, where he took command of the inhabitants there. During the second season, Skullmaster is freed to roam the earth itself.


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