Sing-A-Long Sunday: M.A.S.K.


M-m-m-mask! Sean’s pick this week has us taking a look back to the 1985 animated series M.A.S.K.  Honestly, I still have no clue as to just what’s going on in this show, but it was certainly fun trying to figure it out.  I can’t even g-g-g-grasp what’s happening in the show’s theme song, but that doesn’t stop me from singing along, and it shouldn’t stop you either! I’ve provided the lyrics below, followed by the show’s intro and theme if you want to relive you ch-ch-ch-childhood memories or get introduced to this show like I did.

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Mask crusaders,

Working all the time, fighting crime, fighting crime!

Secret raiders, who will neutralise, as soon as they arrive,

Trekker’s gonna lead the mission,

And Spectum’s got such super vision,


Is the mighty power that can save the day,


No-one knows what lies behind their masquerades!


Always riding on Venom’s trail,

Come see the Laser Rays,

Fly away!


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