Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of LIBERTY’S KIDS


Did you like the theme song for this early 2000s educational series? Perhaps you’d like to know a bit more about the title characters? Well you came to the right place! Take a look at the descriptions provided below to get to know the sons and daughters of Liberty!

Sarah Phillips


This young English lady is the daughter of Lady Phillips and Major Phillips, who was last reported as exploring the Ohio region in 1773. Sarah arrives onboard the Dartmouth, which reroutes from Philadelphia to land in Boston. Though the ill-fated voyage lands Sarah smack dab in the middle of the Boston Tea Party, it also leads to her meeting James and the gang.

James Hiller


James’ origin is not quite as pleasant. Orphaned after a lightning storm burns his house to the ground with his parents inside, James is taken under the wing of one Dr. Benjamin Franklin, who employs the lad as his junior journalist. James is the ambitious, fiercely patriotic, and obsessive member of the group, who has an awkward meet-cute with Sarah and acts as a big brother to Henri.

Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFevbre


The energetic youngster of the group, Henri also has a terrible origin. Orphaned about a French ship bound for America when his parents die from the plague, Henri is then enslaved as an indentured servant to the ship’s captain. Luckily, Henri is discovered by James and is smuggled off to Franklin’s shop.  Helping to secure Henri’s freedom and generally keeping an eye on the kids is the freed slave, Moses.



A free man born in Africa, Moses was captured and enslaved along with his brother Cato, then sold in South Carolina. While Cato’s fate took a different course, Moses managed to develop skills in blacksmithing in order to buy his freedom. He then made his way to Philadelphia to work in Franklin’s print shop and act as a guardian to the three children.

Ben Franklin


While this version of Dr. Franklin might not be the most historically accurate, it’s certainly kid-friendly and acts as an anchor point of sorts for young students. The voice casting of Walter Cronkite for Franklin is just the tip of the iceberg, as many A-list celebrities provide voices for characters throughout the series.  We’ll talk all about them in tomorrow’s podcast!

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