Saturday Mourning Cartoons Mini-Episode – Judge Dredd: Superfiend


We’re trying something a little different here on Saturday Mourning Cartoons.  While we’ll still be bringing you a weekly discussion of a strange animated series from yesteryear, we’re also trying to roll out weekly mini-episodes that point you towards some more contemporary cartoons.  In these shorties, we’ll also tease the upcoming podcast episode, let you know which episodes to watch ahead of time, and point out some fun moments to keep an ear out for.

If you have any naming suggestions for these mini-episodes, we’d love to hear from you! Our first attempt appears below, followed by the show notes and links:

To watch the entirety of Judge Dredd: Superfiend head on over to this link!  And if you need a bit more of a reason to watch the mini-series, you can read up on my review here.


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