Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of Freakazoid!


Casting a variety show like Freakazoid! is pretty tough, and putting together a character guide for it is even tougher.  We’ve done our best here (with the help of Wikipedia) to bring you an introductory look at some of the wacky show’s most prominent characters.  We’ve got heroes, we’ve got villains, we’ve got random creepy individuals who show up for no good reason!  And we’ve got Sean’s favorite, Emmitt Nervend.  Feel free to send any Nervend fan-fic, deviantart, or other material to Sean @seanpaulellis on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Freakazoid freakazoid-cosgrove(voiced by Paul Rugg) – The protagonist of the series. He was once geeky 16-year-old Dexter Douglas (voiced by David Kaufman) who became Freakazoid from an overloaded Pinnacle chip inside his computer. He attends Harry Connick High School. To transform into Freakazoid, Dexter says “freak out”. To change back into Dexter, Freakazoid says “freak in.”
  • Sgt. Mike Cosgrove (voiced by Edward Asner) – A heavyset, gruff cop with a heart of gold, who is friends with Freakazoid and several other characters. He speaks in a gruffmonotone and shows very little enthusiasm for anything.
  • freakazoid-dexter-steffSteff (voiced by Tracy Rowe) – Freakazoid’s perky blonde girlfriend; her real name is Stephanie. She discovers Freakazoid’s secret identity when Cosgrove accidentally points it out aloud in “Mission: Freakazoid”.
  • The Lobe (voiced by David Warner) – Freakazoid’s archenemy. He is a super genius whose entire head appears to be a giant brain. Despite his high intellect, he has very low self-esteem, once even having a scheme foiled by Freakazoid simply insulting the plan, despite actually being impressed by it. No background information of any kind is given for The Lobe; not even his real name is revealed.
  • freakazoid-villainsCave Guy (voiced by Jeff Bennett impersonating Jim Backus) – A thuggish blue caveman with upper-class diction, education, and taste who speaks in a stereotypical WASPtone (see Locust Valley lockjaw). His real name is Royce Mumphry and he subscribes to The New Yorker. He also seems to have an odd fear of Klingons. His voice is similar to that of Thurston Howell, III.
  • Candle Jack (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – A supernatural villain with a burlap sack over his head, called “the Boogeyman, the for-real one” in the series. He abducts anyone who says his name and ties them up with rope. Although he prides himself on being scary, he has a weakness for pie and also seems to enjoy watching F Troop. During “Mission: Freakazoid” Freakazoid and Cosgrove have him chase around and scare Jonsey.
  • freakazoid-candlejackWaylon Jeepers (voiced by Jeff Bennett) – A creepy little man originally from Venice Beach, CA who created the Medusa Watch, which has the power to turn people (and pigeons) into stone. He has also created a similar device that turned beavers into gold, and once summoned the demon, “Vorn the Unspeakable”, with the help of a book entitled How to Summon Monsters the E-Z Way. His schemes seem to deeply infuriate Freakazoid and Jeepers is the shown to be the only villain Freakazoid genuinely does not like (Whereas the rest of the villains appear to have a friendly relationship with Freakazoid off battle). His name is a play on the name of famous country guitarist Waylon Jennings.
  • Emmitt Nervend usually shows up at least once an episode, always in the opening credits, but usually in the background. He stands looking at the camera (as pictured), never saying a word. Sometimes things happen to him directly, like birds pecking his head or laser beams shooting just above his head. The end credits will often contain a credit revealing how many times Emmitt can be found in a particular episode.



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