Saturday Mourning Cartoons Mini-Episode: Eureka Seven


It’s been a minute since we offered up a mini-episode, but since we’ve got a lot of stuff in the works, I thought it was about time for another installment.  Today’s tease is the 2005 Japanese anime series Eureka Seven, a show that intriguingly combines the mecha genre with a surfer vibe.  If you’re a fan of fighting robots but want to see something different, check this one out.  It’s available on Netflix now!

As for what’s coming up on Saturday Mourning Cartoons, here’s a peek!

We’ll be taking the Christmas week off to get caught up on important things like watching old cartoons visiting with friends and family.  We wish you the happiest (and safest) of holidays, and the very best for you in the New Year! We hope you’ll join us in 2015!

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