Saturday Mourning Cartoons Podcast: Episode 87 – “Static Shock”

static shock
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Image via WB TV
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  1. Technically, that’s not how Static really got his powers. He was bullied at school by a caucasian gang member (Hotstreak) in school earlier that day, and was told by a friend to show up at the docks’ storage yard for a chance to get even with the bully. Once he got there, he saw that all the gangs in Dakota were about to have a battle royale for control of Dakota, and his “friend” intended for Virgil to shoot the bully, then leave in the confusion, because people were going to die that night anyway. It was kinda intended as an anonymous vengeance. Virgil threw the gun away, not wanting to kill anyone, but cops showed up, fired tear gas, somebody panicked and fired a gun, which hit a storage drum from Alva Industries, releasing the mutagenic gas, which kinda did it’s thing, and everybody who was affected by the gas got powers. In the comics, the drums just contained a waste chemical, and those who were just caught by that chemical were killed, and the chemical/tear gas combo produced mutation.

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