Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Dunkin Donuts Cereal


If you’re like me, you probably start your Monday morning off with a strong cup o’ Joe. My personal favorite store brand just happens to come from Dunkin Donuts. You know what else comes from Dunkin Donuts? Cereal! Yes, dear friends, in the glorious heyday of 1987, Dunkin Donuts were available in miniature form in a kid-friendly cereal box.

Also occurring in 1987 was the show at the center of this week’s podcast discussion, the Filmation sci-fi Western series, BraveStarr. If you’re a fan of the series and want to pick it up on DVD, please consider using our referral link to purchase the complete BraveStarr series. It goes a long way towards helping us fund the podcast! Thanks in advance!

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