Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of DINOSAUCERS!


Before we talk about the 1987 DiC Entertainment series Dinosaucers, we thought we’d introduce you to the Secret Scouts, the Dinosaucers, and the Tyrannos. There are quite a few humanoid dinosaur critters to keep track of, so let’s get to it!

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Secret Scouts


The Secret Scouts are four teenage humans who ally with the Dinosaucers and receive magic rings that boost their powers. Ryan Spencer is a blond haired male teenager who leads the group and is the older brother of Sara Spencer, a blond haired female teenager and the only girl of the Scouts. Her ring strongly boosts her physical abilities to Olympic athlete status. Paul, who we find to be the most useful, is an African American male teenager who helps out the Dinosaucers and can run at enhanced speed over long distances. Lastly, David is a black haired teenage male and the wild one of the Scouts, with a ring that boosts his strength.

Dinosaucers & Tyrannos



  • dinosaucersAllo is the leader of the Dinosaucers. He can Dinovolve into a 40 foot Allosaurus.
  • Dimetro is another member of the Dinosaucers and Allo’s assistant. Dimetro is the scientist/mechanic of the group and speaks with a slight Scottish accent, because why not?
  • Bronto Thunder is considered the strongest of the Dinosaucers. He can Dinovolve into an 80 foot Sauropod.
  • Stego is an evolved Stegosaurus and a rather dim-witted recruit when compared to the rest of the team. He tries to be brave, but is prone to panic attacks and general cowardice.
  • Tricero has a history for doing investigative work back on Reptilon, and provides a voice of calm reason. Tricero was a member of the law-enforcing Tricerocops on Reptilon before he became a Dinosaucer. Tricero has a vibrational super power that emanates from his two brow horns.
  • Bonehead is Allo’s nephew and, as his name suggests, is not particularly bright.
  • Ichy, whose name is pronounced “Icky”, is a prehistoric aquatic reptile.
  • Teryx is the only female Dinosaucer. She is an evolved Archaeopteryx, which is a derived theropod dinosaur, considered to be the first “true” bird.


  • dinosaucers-tyrannosGenghis Rex, usually referred to as simply “Rex”, is the leader of the Tyrannos, as well as Allo’s evil counterpart.
  • Princess Dei is an evolved Deinonychus with yellow-green skin who is Genghis Rex’s older sister and the only female Tyranno.
  • Ankylo is Genghis Rex’s dimwitted, sycophantic assistant and is another member of the Tyrannos.
  • Quackpot is the practical joker of the group, much to the ire of the other Tyrannos.  Quackpot makes a quacking sound like a duck in comparison to his appearance.
  • Brachio is the archetypal thug of the gang, is the evil counterpart of Bronto Thunder and is physically the strongest among the Tyrannos.
  • Styraco is the evil counterpart of Tricero and was formerly a dentist working at the office of Pinchem, Pullem & Yankem before joining Genghis Rex on Earth. He is intelligent and sometimes works with machines.
  • Plesio is a prehistoric aquatic reptile. Plesio used to work for Slither, Slither & Shark, Attorneys at Law on Reptilon before becoming a Tyranno.
  • Terrible Dactyl is the flying member of the Tyrannos and the evil counterpart of Teryx.
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  1. I miss Dinosaucers. I wish there’s some kind of modern day reimagined version of this show with all the characters kept in and maybe given a better revamped look and better storylines. And new villains and characters.

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