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Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Ghostbusters Cereal


Mmm, mmm!  Nothin’ says “delicious” like ghost ectoplasm and proton pack energy blasts!  Ghostbusters was so popular in the 80s that to not try to package it as a spectral cereal would have been downright foolish. Oh, wait, they flavored it with fruity crunchy bits and marshmallow ghosts?  Well shit yeah! Sign me up!  You can enjoy the retro commercial for “Ghostbusters Cereal” below!

Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Honeycomb (~1989)

honeycomb cereal

The late 80s / early 90s were a simpler time.  A time of enjoying breakfast cereal with your friends. A time of building rickety treehouses without worrying about zoning or structural guidelines.  A time when a friendly neighborhood giant might just wander by for a big bite of Honeycomb.

For those of you who don’t remember Andre the Giant, this retro commercial might come across as rather terrifying, but children of the 80s and 90s should remember this gentle giant from both his wrestling and Princess Bride fame.  Only slightly less well known is his appearance in this commercial for Post Honeycomb breakfast cereal.  It’s delightful.  Enjoy!

Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Fruity Pebbles (1997)


Even though we’re talking about Disney’s Pepper Ann on this week’s episode of the podcast, try as I might I couldn’t find any pepper-flavored breakfast cereal. Go figure!

The closest thing I could think of to “Pepper” was “Pebbles”, ie Fruity Pebbles! Check out this retro commercial for the vibrant cereal that’s somehow part of a complete breakfast (?), which comes from 1997, the same year that saw the launch of Pepper Ann.  Enjoy!

fruity pebbles bronto bright

Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Frankenberry (1986)


A little while ago, we featured Count Chocula for our Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal installment, in part because Larry Kenney voiced the cereal’s title mascot. Kenney is a Rankin/Bass regular, and since we’re talking about the production studio’s second series, SilverHawks, we thought we might as well bring Kenney’s Count back in for a little cameo. Enjoy!

Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Sharks Invade Your Cereal/Soup Bowl


We’re kicking off our own version of Shark Week here on Saturday Mourning Cartoons. On this week’s episode we’ll be talking about the 90s animated series, Street Sharks, but believe it or not, I couldn’t find any breakfast cereal tie-ins to this zany show. Instead, I found this 80s retro commercial for Cheerios which features two kids powering up to take down a shark who’s just being a real jerk.

As a bonus, I’ve included a retro commercial for shark-shaped noodles from Chef Boyardee, which were then repurposed* with a cartoonish label in order to hawk Street Sharks. (Apparently Chef Boyardee’s Street Shark-Fin Soup didn’t go over so well in the States.) Enjoy the retro below!

[Editor’s Note: The Cheerios commercial with the shark has disabled embedding for some reason, so here’s one with a sawfish instead. Close enough, right?]

*No sharks were harmed in the making of this cereal/soup/blog post.



Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Star Wars’ C3POs


You know what sounds great right about now? A bowl of cereal inspired by Star Wars’ gold-colored, metallic mandroid, C3PO.  What better to chow down on than rivets and pneumatic connectors soaked in lubricant? Yum yum! Actually, this cash-grabbing product isn’t even as visually interesting as all that, since it’s basically a bunch of reject Cheerios that got stuck together.  Sounds like a cost-savings move to me, but what do I know.

You may be wondering why we’re featuring a Star Wars cereal when our topic of discussion for this week’s podcast is Thundarr the Barbarian. Well, as we’ll explain in the upcoming episode, this 1980-82 cartoon series borrowed heavily from the George Lucas production for a lot of their characters and plot elements. If you remember the series fondly and want to pick it up for yourself, please consider using our referral link to buy the complete series on DVD. Your purchase helps to fund our podcast. Thanks!

Check out the retro commercial for Kellogg’s C3POs below:



Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Kellogg’s Corn Pops (1986)


It’s a pop-themed week here on Saturday Mourning Cartoons.  Since we’ll be talking about the 1986 live-action/animated series Popples on the upcoming podcast episode, we thought we’d tie in our Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal to the show. Enter: Kellogg’s Corn Pops, circa 1986.  Enjoy this retro commercial below!

Popples are surprisingly difficult to find on DVD, but if you want to pick up the first season (Note: Region 2), please consider doing so through our referral link since it helps to fund the podcast.  And as an interesting note, this is the first cartoon we’ve talked about that still seems to have some relevance today, as evidenced by the current website for the cuddly critters.

And here’s a pair of bonus Popples commercials: