“Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue” Anti-Drug PSA Will Get You Through Your Saturday Morning

Image courtesy of @newwavetraders

Time to put down those downers and give up your uppers, it’s the “Cartoon All-Stars” Anti-Drug PSA! This half-hour of cartoon star power aims to teach kids the perils of drugs, but is trippier than anything kids in 1990 had likely seen in their short lives. It’s a great way for us to kick off our PSA special, so sit back and enjoy! Take it away, George and Barbara!


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  1. Was watching your podcast on ‘The Heculoids’. Maybe you forgot the limitations of technology at the time these were made it was early 60s at witch time not even all TV shows were in color. For me 8 at the time they were fascinating, to imagine other worlds with these amazing animals living with these people. There was no Simpons or South Park to compare them to, at there time they were captivating. So just a hint before making fun of or cutting down things done in the past, you need to take into account of the true time period and what was being done at that time. I loved The Heculoid as well as Space Ghost, and Jonny Quest, for that time they were great.

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