Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of Captain N: The Game Master


There are quite a few characters to get to know in Captain N: The Game Master. Even though the heroes and villains alike are pulled from Nintendo’s early games, each of them is just a little bit different from what gamers might be familiar with. Megaman is a little green around the gills, Simon Belmont resembles Cid Highwind more than Castlevania’s famous protagonist, and Kid Icarus’ cherubic archer Pit has a rather irritating speech tag.  Get to know them all below! (Via Wikipedia)

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The N Team

  • captain-n-kevin-keeneKevin Keene – The leader, protagonist and main character of the series. Initially, he is a reluctant hero and is often found at odds with the rest of the N-Team. When he comes to Videoland, he is armed with a belt and holster that has a Power Pad (an NES controller-shaped device which can stop time, allow him to leap over objects or give him super speed over short distances) and an NES Zapper-like gun which dispatches or “dematerializes” enemies. The Zapper can also shoot ice shaped like Tetris blocks. His expert use of these tools combined with his overall friendly, if competitive, demeanor eventually earns the trust of the others. In many episodes he tries to foster a big-brotherly role to characters suffering from a particular plight. He is most often called Captain N by the other cast members, except Princess Lana who regularly addresses him by his first name. His last name is only ever mentioned in two episodes. He wears light denim jeans, a yellow shirt and a red Letterman jacket with white sleeves. The Varsity letter “N” on his jacket is for swimming. Kevin is voiced by Matt Hill while Dorian Barag plays him in the “live action” part of the intro.
  • captain-n-simon-belmont-princess-lanaPrincess Lana – The current regent of Videoland after her father, King Charles, was banished to the Mirror by Mother Brain. She rules over all the lands in Videoland from the Palace of Power. Though she reflects a kind character typified by a princess role, she is able to keep up with the rest of the N-team through their adventures and is not afraid of conflict, having been trained to defend herself from a young age. Though she is good friends with the members of the N-Team, Lana shows a longing for her own family. She often acts as a mediator between the members of the N-team when their competitive natures lead them to infighting. Both Kevin and Simon compete for Lana’s affections, but she seems to prefer Kevin over Simon and kisses him on several occasions (including the last episode). Her appearance and dress consists of boots, a two-piece dress and top, a tiara, and a necklace with three green gems. Production art showed her holding a large staff. She is voiced by Venus Terzo.
  • Duke – Kevin’s dog who jumped into the Ultimate Warp Zone immediately after Kevin was sucked in and ended up in Videoland as well. Although he acts intelligently, he shows occasional uncontrollable typical dog behavior, like the chase reflex. Duke is usually with Kevin through all the action in a given episode and sometimes sees his own action. Duke wears a bandanna around his neck. In the live action scenes shown in the first two episodes as well as the intro, Duke is shown to be a Golden Retriever while he appears to be a beagle in the actual cartoon. Voiced by Tomm Wright.
  • captain-n-simon-belmontSimon Belmont (from Castlevania) – Until Captain N’s arrival Simon, a vampire hunter, regarded himself as Princess Lana’s highest ranking servant. He displays extreme arrogance and vanity, often prefacing declarations of his character or capabilities by referring to himself in the 3rd person. He enjoys courting and complimenting Princess Lana, openly declaring his romantic interest in her (which she rebuffs but sometimes is flattered), but he enjoys tending to his appearance and physique even more. On one occasion when he was forced to face his worst fears in a dream world, it turned out his worst fear was a humorous form of body horror as his muscles sagged away, his teeth fell out and he lost all his hair. In his own distorted way, however, he does show regard for other members of the N-team, even if it outwardly seems back-handed. He is very competitive and he regards Captain N as a major rival for Princess Lana’s attention. He wears a blue fabric outfit, pilot goggles, boots and large gloves, and carries around a backpack with a seemingly endless capacity of miscellaneous things he takes out and uses. He brandishes a whip, which occasionally has a mind of its own, but like Captain N’s zapper, it can also dematerialize foes. Simon Belmont’s look was at least partially based upon his voice actor Andrew Kavadas looking less like his appearance in theCastlevania game series.
  • captain-n-megaman-kid-icarusKid Icarus (from Kid Icarus) – The diminutive Kid Icarus is very loyal to, and protective of, Princess Lana and while he shows childish behavior, he is not short on courage. He is not very physically effective in action situations and often bemoans his small stature, but is the only N Team member who can fly, and usually is a very accurate archer. His quiver holds regular arrows which can dematerialize foes, but also has various specialized gadget arrows. He often ends many words in his speech with the suffix “-icus”. For example, moments before a wrestling match against King Hippo, Kid Icarus declares, “If King Hippocis sits on me, I’ll be squashicus maximus!” He has light feathery wings, long bangs of hair that always cover one eye, and wears a one-shoulder toga with sandals. He comes from the world of Mount Icarus. His appearance in Season 3 resembles his sprite and box art from Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for Game Boy. He is voiced by Alessandro Juliani.
  • Megaman (from Mega Man) – As diminutive as Kid Icarus, Megaman is a robot constructed by Dr. Light. He too is protective of Princess Lana. Despite his size, he is incredibly strong, physically durable, and extremely agile. His body is clad in multi-tone green armor and he wears a visor. He has two forearm-mounted energy blasters which function like Captain N’s zapper. He occasionally begins his words with the prefix “mega-“. His home world, along with Dr. Light, is Megaland. In the episode “Happy Birthday Megaman” he is upset with the fact he is a nonliving robot and is transformed from a robot into a living man, although later in the series he is still shown to possess his robotic abilities.[5]He is voiced by Doug Parker. Megaman’s green appearance has been attributed to the creators playing the Mega Man game on a maladjusted TV set, although this remains unverified.
  • captain-n-game-boyGame Boy – Debuting in the first episode of the second season (“Gameboy”, aired September 8, 1990), Game Boy is a human-sized supercomputer shaped like the Nintendo product of the same name, an 8-bit handheld video game device developed and manufactured by Nintendo. When the portal to Mirror World opened, King Charles sent him in his place to help Captain N. He announces himself as being “programmed to play games” but, when action arises, he is usually capable of meeting the challenge. His body exhibits elasticity when he stretches out his arms and hands from his casing. Game Boy also uses his display to materialize many things, including objects and monsters, mainly for the team’s target practice. He also has an onboard computer which can analyze substances and track enemies. Game Boy is voiced by Frank Welker.

Main villains

  • captain-n-king-hippo-mother-brain-eggplant-wizardMother Brain (from Metroid) – The primary villain of the series. Mother Brain is a trash-talking, abusive, power-hungry brain in a giant bottle. In the pilot episode, her troops are marching at the door of the Palace of Power, and she had already captured and banished King Charles (the King of Videoland) to the Mirror World on Exaclibur. Though proud of her form and presence, she is not above any subterfuge if it gets her goal accomplished. She also displays great vanity—almost as much as Simon Belmont. She spends most of her time stationary in a control room on her floating world, Metroid, where she uses a special “mirror” to spy on the members of the N Team as she looks for weaknesses to exploit. She also has retractable prehensile tentacles she uses to lash or electrically shock her usually incompetent minions to encourage them to do better. Mother Brain is voiced by The Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs.
  • King Hippo (from Punch-Out!!) – The monstrous, pear-shaped King Hippo is the “heavyweight” who is short on brains and big on muscle. He is cruel, indulgent, and sharp tongued, but most of his ire is usually directed to his counterpart the Eggplant Wizard. His home world is called Punch-Out!!, a name inspired by the game of the same name. King Hippo is voiced by Gary Chalk, who voiced a similar character in the Mega Man TV series, Guts Man.
  • captain-n-eggplant-wizardEggplant Wizard (from Kid Icarus) – A one-eyed human-sized vegetable. Eggplant Wizard is a main foe of Kid Icarus, but mostly serves as a target of abuse for Mother Brain due to his incompetence. He is also the chief foil for King Hippo as the two usually appear at the same time. He also has the ability to conjure various vegetable-themed gadgets to aid in mischief. Unlike King Hippo, Eggplant Wizard has shown some signs of taking the initiative to come up with his own schemes and is not above turning against Mother Brain on rare occasions. Eggplant Wizard is voiced by Michael Donovan.
  • Doctor Wily (from Mega Man) – The least shown of the main villains. Dr. Wily is a short, beady-eyed, and slightly grizzled old man loyal to Mother Brain and arguably the most competent of her main henchmen. He is a stereotypical mad scientist who uses his genius to build wild gadgets or develop complicated schemes to defeat the N-Team. One notable episode had him using a mind reading device to find out the greatest fears of the team members, then constructing a robot in the likeness of a school bully, Kevin’s greatest fear. He speaks with a German accent and is constantly wheezing in his speech. Dr. Wily is voiced by Ian James Corlett (who coincidentally went on to voice Mega Man himself in the Ruby-Spears animated series).
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