Sing-a-Long Sunday: Aeon Flux


We took a detour into Cabletown last week to watch Disney’s Pepper Ann.  This week, we’ll continue the trend with another animated series from a non-network TV channel, but we go about as far from the awkward adolescent adventures of Pepper Ann as you can.  That’s right, we’re revisiting MTV’s Liquid Television, specifically the 1991 series, Aeon Flux.

If you’re a fan of the show but don’t yet own it on DVD, please consider using our referral link to purchase the complete series here.  It would go a long way toward helping us fund the podcast.  If you’d rather watch a few episodes before buying it, you can head to this link and watch the first episode for free on Amazon’s Instant Video.

Unfortunately, this bizarro intro for Aeon Flux isn’t exactly sing-able, so we’ll just leave it below for you to enjoy:


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