Saturday Mourning Cartoons Podcast: Episode 94 – “Digimon” vs. “Zatch Bell”


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Mourning Cartoons Podcast: Episode 94 – “Digimon” vs. “Zatch Bell””

  1. The japanese word for devil is “mamono” (as in Mamono Hunter Yohko/Devil Hunter Yohko). It was changed to the made-up word “Mamodo” in the english dub (probably easier for little kids to say). It is established in the japanese version that Gash (Zatch in the dub) and his fellow mamono are devils (not demons), and not all devils are evil.

  2. It would be awesome (it’s already pretty good) if you had people on hand who actually watched the entire series’ you review rather than skimming the first 3 episodes, particularly in series like Gargoyles. There’s SO much going on there that isn’t revealed until later. Will you guys be doing follow-up reviews covering later episodes?

    1. We’d LOVE to follow up on Gargoyles! The issue is just finding the time. Personally (Dave here), I’d like to revisit the Avalon arc on a future episode. It’s certainly one of many shows that deserve a deeper look. If you have any episode suggestions, please let us know!

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