Saturday Mourning Cartoons Theme Songs – Part I


It’s been a crazy few months here at Saturday Mourning Cartoons.  We’re well over 25 episodes by now, but I thought it’d be great to sum up our first 25 cartoon series by providing their intros and theme songs for your audio-visual enjoyment!  If by some chance you missed these toons (or our podcasts on them), now’s a great time to get familiar with them.  Check out all 25 of them below!

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Saturday Mourning Cartoons Podcast: Episode 31 – David the Gnome

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On the 31st episode of the podcast, we step into the magical world of David the Gnome!  This 1987 series came to the U.S. on Nickelodeon after starting up in Spain and then traveling to Canada where Christopher Plummer and Tom Bosley lent their particular vocal talents.  Speaking of vocal talents, Sean and I are joined by the lovely and rather knowledgeable television critic Allison Keene!  It’s a fun hour filled with nostalgia, wholesome Gnome facts, lessons in woodland medicine, and troll dancing.  What more could you ask for?

If you’d like to revisit your childhood, please consider using our referral link to pick up David the Gnome on DVD here.  Check out our episode on the series below!

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Special Guest: Allison Keene!

Dave Trumbore

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Saturday Mourning Cartoons on Drugs with The Thundercats


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a cat on catnip, then all you have to do is watch Tygra trip balls in the Thundercats drug episode.  In episode nine, “The Garden of Delights,” Tygra is investigating a series of big quakes on Third Earth, then fights a giant worm, runs afoul of mole-like people, and tastes forbidden fruit from a lady-faced plant named Silky.  Who needs drugs when you have Saturday morning cartoons?

For more on the Thundercats, be sure to listen to our celebratory 25th episode in which we discuss the series.  The hallucinatory episode in which Tygra gets high as shit follows below:

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Saturday Mourning Cartoons Mini-Episode: Eureka Seven


It’s been a minute since we offered up a mini-episode, but since we’ve got a lot of stuff in the works, I thought it was about time for another installment.  Today’s tease is the 2005 Japanese anime series Eureka Seven, a show that intriguingly combines the mecha genre with a surfer vibe.  If you’re a fan of fighting robots but want to see something different, check this one out.  It’s available on Netflix now!

As for what’s coming up on Saturday Mourning Cartoons, here’s a peek!

We’ll be taking the Christmas week off to get caught up on important things like watching old cartoons visiting with friends and family.  We wish you the happiest (and safest) of holidays, and the very best for you in the New Year! We hope you’ll join us in 2015!

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Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of David the Gnome

david the gnome

Up next on Saturday Mourning Cartoons, it’s the 1987 Spanish animated TV series, David the Gnome.  In the US, David the Gnome aired on Nickelodeon, narrated by Christopher Plummer and featuring Tom Bosley as the voice of the title character.  And in order to give you a crash course on the rest of the characters in the show, we’ve provided this handy character guide (via Wikipedia).

If you’re a fan of the show and would like to revisit your childhood, please consider using our referral link to pick up David the Gnome on DVD here.


  • David – A gnome of the forest. David is 399 years old, making him the oldest gnome around (since most gnomes live no more than 400 years exactly), although he possesses exceptional constitution. David is a doctor, and he uses his knowledge of many fields, such as hypnosis and acupuncture, to heal his patients, usually animals, such as his faithful friend Swift the fox, or other gnomes. David also befriends a bird that, when he whistles, immediately arrives to quickly transport him to wherever necessary. For longer trips, he sometimes travels in a basket attached to the neck of the bird. Voiced by Tom Bosley.
  • david-the-gnome-lisaLisa – David’s wife and companion and is the same age as him. Together they have two children, Lily and Harold. David’s wife is in charge of the household, although she occasionally accompanies him and helps him in his diverse adventures. Voiced by Jane Woods.
  • Swift the Fox – David’s best friend who lives in the forest and is always available to transport David to wherever he is required. Huygen’s son, Josh, came up with this character. This is Josh’s favorite character. He is characterized by his speed and loyalty to David. Voiced by Vlasta Vrána.
  • david-the-gnome-swiftThe Trolls – In the series, there are four trolls who constantly try to bother the gnomes. Their names are Pit, Pat and Pot, andHoller. Holler has a receding hairline and is the only one of the four able to think. They have some supernatural powers, and are capable of using magical spells too powerful for Gnome magic to break. However, in addition to their extreme lack of wit, they also have another severe weakness: direct exposure to sunlight turns them into stone. Holler was voiced by A.J. Henderson, Pit was voiced by Marc Denis, Pat was voiced by Rob Roy, and Pot was voiced by Adrian Knight.
  • Susan – David and Lisa’s granddaughter. Voiced by Barbara Pogenmiller.
  • King – Voiced by Richard Dumont
  • Paul – David’s twin brother. Not only does Paul have a normal moustache in contrast to David’s handlebar moustache but his jumper is a darker shade of blue, he has a bigger nose, his gnome hat is dark blue whereas David’s is red, and his trousers and boots are an inverse of David’s: David’s trousers are brown and his boots are beige, while Paul wears beige trousers and dark boots.


Sing-a-Long Sunday: David the Gnome


On the next episode of the Saturday Mourning Cartoons podcast, we’ll revisit the 1987 Spanish animated TV series, David the Gnome.  Originally based on the children’s book The Secret Book of Gnomes, by the Dutch author Wil Huygen and illustrator Rien Poortvliet, the English-language dub came courtesy of Canada’s Cinar and the Weinstein brothers’ Miramax Films.  In the US, David the Gnome aired on Nickelodeon, narrated by Christopher Plummer and featuring Tom Bosley as the voice of the title character.

If you’d like to revisit your childhood, please consider using our referral link to pick up David the Gnome on DVD here.  And if you’re not familiar with this show, why don’t you start by listening to the theme song below?