Monday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Star Wars’ C3POs


You know what sounds great right about now? A bowl of cereal inspired by Star Wars’ gold-colored, metallic mandroid, C3PO.  What better to chow down on than rivets and pneumatic connectors soaked in lubricant? Yum yum! Actually, this cash-grabbing product isn’t even as visually interesting as all that, since it’s basically a bunch of reject Cheerios that got stuck together.  Sounds like a cost-savings move to me, but what do I know.

You may be wondering why we’re featuring a Star Wars cereal when our topic of discussion for this week’s podcast is Thundarr the Barbarian. Well, as we’ll explain in the upcoming episode, this 1980-82 cartoon series borrowed heavily from the George Lucas production for a lot of their characters and plot elements. If you remember the series fondly and want to pick it up for yourself, please consider using our referral link to buy the complete series on DVD. Your purchase helps to fund our podcast. Thanks!

Check out the retro commercial for Kellogg’s C3POs below:



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