Theme Song Thursday – Captain N: The Game Master [Updated!]


Sean threw us a curve ball this week with the suggestion of Captain N: The Game Master, so it was with a healthy dose of ignorance that I started researching the show. If this intro is any indication, we’re in for one weird ride. There’s hand-drawn animation, live action, and some early (and terrifying) form of computer animation at work here, so buckle up for some classic videogame-inspired 80s cartooning!

If you’re so moved by the show’s intro and theme song that you want to pick up the complete series, please consider purchasing through our referral link since it helps to fund the podcast. Thanks!

Update: Wow, there are quite a few iterations of this show’s intro over the course of its three seasons. Oddly enough, the original one is the only intro to feature that terrifying green humanoid coming out of the screen to snatch Kevin. Other versions changed up the narration and theme music a bit. Check out the alternate Captain N: The Game Master openings below:

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