Tuesday Toonsday: Get to Know the Characters of BraveStarr!


The characters of Filmation’s 1987 Sci-Fi/Western series BraveStarr are not exactly household names. The title hero is a Native American lawbringer blessed with the powers of hawk, wolf, puma and bear, living on the distant planet of New Texas in the 23rd century … and he’s the most normal thing on this show! Check out our handy character guide below (thanks to Wikipedia) to get a handle on the insanity.

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  • marshall-bravestarrMarshall BraveStarr(Pat Fraley): The title character; a Native American who can call upon the power of “spirit animals”, enabling him briefly to perform superhuman feats. The spirit animal powers are:
  • Eyes of the Hawk: Enhances his vision and can also grant him an aerial view of the surrounding area.
  • Ears of the Wolf: Gives him super-human hearing.
  • Strength of the Bear: Gives him super-human strength.
  • Speed of the Puma: Gives him super-human speed.

Bravestarr also carries a “Neutra-laser” pistol and a “Trans-freezer” rifle, and the badge on his shirt can shield him at need.

  • bravestarr-deputy-fuzzDeputy Fuzz(Charlie Adler): A member of the Prairie People. BraveStarr affectionately calls him “li’l partner”. Fuzz is typically a figure of comic relief, but has played more-serious rôles at need.
  • Handlebar(Alan Oppenheimer): A hulking, 14-ton, green-skinned bartender and former space pirate from the Rigel star system, with a bright orange handlebar mustache and a Brooklyn accent. He mostly serves BraveStarr and Thirty Thirty a drink called “sweetwater”. Other times he acts as a reserve law enforcement officer. He has a pet cyborg steer named Rampage.
  • bravestarr-30-30-fuzz-bravestarr-judge-mcbrideJudge J. B. McBride(Susan Blu): Fort Kerium’s principal (and perhaps only) judge and lawyer; Bravestarr’s ally, consultant, and occasional paramour. In battle, she uses an electronic gavel (called a “hammer of justice” in the series) given her by the Prairie People.
  • Shaman(Ed Gilbert): An otherwise-unnamed mystic, capable of teleportation, time travel, psychokinesis, and near-omniscient clairvoyance; Bravestarr’s mentor and foster-father.
  • Thirty Thirty(Ed Gilbert): BraveStarr’s cyborg stallion, capable of assuming a bipedal form at will. His principal weapon is the ‘Sarah Jane’: a large blunderbuss from which he projects directed energy. He is more belligerent than Bravestarr, and will often prefer fights to resolutions.


  • bravestarr-stampedeStampede(Alan Oppenheimer): Chief antagonist, and sponsor to all other villains; a monstrous, skeletal ‘Broncosaur’, and apparently the last of his kind. Stampede seldom appears in battle directly, but is usually the source of his subordinates’ evil plans.
  • Tex Hex (Charlie Adler): Bravestarr’s rival, opponent, and counterpart, distinguished by a withered appearance and lavender skin; Stampede’s junior partner.
  • Outlaw Skuzz(Alan Oppenheimer): Tex’s cigar-smoking henchman and cousin of Deputy Fuzz; apparently the only Prairie Person to prefer crime.
  • bravestarr-tex-hex-outlaw-skuzzSandstorm(Ed Gilbert): A red reptilian alien who can exhale giant clouds of sand, which the gang usually uses to escape. His kind are sometimes called ‘sand walruses’ and are native to New Texas. He can also use his sand to put people to sleep or create sand creatures.
  • Vipra (Susan Blu): A serpentine female villain who has the power to hypnotize people; assistant to Tex Hex, but envious of his high rank among the villains.

And here’s a bonus villain for our friends who have watched BraveStarr’s hard-hitting anti-drug episode, “The Price” …


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